Things You Should Avoid Before Exams


If you really want to pass your examination, might that be internal or external examination or even your final year examination, then you need to read this article and adhere to the advise.

Avoid Social Media

It’s important to not use social media as the internet can be distracting. Stay away from social media before your exams, it takes most of your time and energy. Switch off your mobile data, wifi and you can just lock your phone inside your parent’s cupboard for better concentration.

Avoid comparison with other students

We have different ways of studying and it’s important that you concentrate on your preparations and your study techniques rather than comparing them with your friends or classmates.

Avoid Cramming

It’s a bad decision to refer to a new book just a few days before your exams. You will not be able to understand the entire book at the last moment.

Avoid procrastinating

It’s important to eliminate distractions and do not procrastinate and it can lead to regret, which can later turn into a pang of guilt. Set deadlines for yourself.

Avoid Your friends strategy

It’s important to stick to the way you have been studying because you know best about your study pattern and what works for you. By thinking that you will study like your friend or classmate, that might backfire.

Avoid Junk Food.

That may sound frivolous but eating unhealthy food can make you feel drowsy and lazy because of which you waste a lot of time.

Avoid long breaks

It’s important that you manage your time properly. Time management is important when you are preparing for exams, stick to a timetable. Get enough sleep.

Avoid last minute rush

We all do that, but the best is we stop doing that now!

 Avoid only reading, try writing it down

If you think reading 5 times will help you learn and remember things, then you are mistaken. Practice writing as it will be stored in your memory for a longer duration.

Don’t be late for your exam 

Reach your exam center an hour early and just relax. Do not discuss anything exam-related with your friends and do not read anything last minute.

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