Education Ministry Lists Diploma Courses With High Job Demand


The Technical And Vocational Education Training (TVETs) in collaboration with the ministry of education identified diploma courses that are high on demand in the job market.

Going as per to the sentiments from the Principal Secretary of TVETs, Esther Muoria’s statement, the future of the country depends on the TVET graduates despite the fact that many students are rushing for undergraduate courses.

Mrs. Muoria further said the the diploma courses in (STEM) areas i.e Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are high on demand on the job market following the data from Economic Survey .

This makes these courses go high in demand.The skills gained from STEM courses are the future of the economy as advised by Muoria.

The principal has further encouraged many students to rush and take up these courses.

The PS under the Ministry of Education has estimated that come 2030 the TVET courses would have increase by 8 percent in popularity.

Mrs. Muoria also has informed students who will take the STEM courses that they will have a high employability as compared to those undertaking undergraduate courses due to industrial revolution in the country.

The reason behind this is that the world is focusing on industrial revolution that will require people with the STEM skills.

Note that STEM courses are classified into six cluster according to the Kenya Universities and Colleges placement Services (KUCCPS).

These courses include;

  1. Engineering and Technology courses
  2. Environmental Sciences courses
  3. Applied Sciences courses
  4. Food Sciences courses
  5. Computing courses
  6. Information Technology courses

Courses Under Diploma in Engineering and Technology

  • Agricultural Engineering course
  • Automotive Engineering course
  • Mechanical Engineering course
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering course
  • Electrical instrumentation and control course

Courses under Diploma in Environmental Sciences

  • Diploma in Applied sciences course
  • Applied Biology course
  • Analytical Chemistry course
  • Applied Statistics course

Diploma Courses in Health Sciences

  • Community Health course
  • Pharmaceutical Technology course
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences course
  • Community Health and HIV Management course
  • Medical Laboratory Technology course

Courses under Diploma in Food Science

  • Baking Technology course
  • Food and Beverage production course
  • Food and beverage course
  • Food and beverage production sales and Services course
  • Food and Beverage production Services course
  • Food Science Technology course
  • Food processing Technology course

Courses under Diploma For Computing And Information Technology

  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) course
  • IT course
  • Computer Information Technology course
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