TSC set to hire intern teachers next year, 2023


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will begin hiring intern teachers for primary and secondary schools in January 2023.

Dr. William Ruto, the president, announced it by saying that the 30,000 teachers who will begin work in January of 2023 will include the intern teachers.

The President promised teachers that his government would provide them with employment when opening the Komarock South Primary School, which was funded by the Embakasi Central NG-CDF, on October 12. He made this promise after speaking to the assembled teachers.

“We have agreed with TSC that from January they will have recruited 30,000 more teachers. Some will be employed on permanent terms while some will be interns so that we progressively bridge the teacher gap,” said Ruto.

According to new TSC recruitment and deployment procedures, teachers will be placed in their respective subcounties after being hired.

In order to close the current teacher shortage, Dr. Ruto indicated that this would be the first step towards absorbing more than 116,000 teachers. Kenya Kwanza made the plight of unemployed teachers a main focus of their campaign.

At least 350,000 teachers have still not been added to the TSC payroll. However, some of them are employed by private schools.

Every year, TSC recruits at least 6,000 teachers for internships. Primary school teachers make ksh.15,000 per month, while secondary school teachers make ksh.20,000 per month.

Over 356,000 unemployed teachers applied for the 14,460 job vacancies during the TSC’s most recent recruitment, which took place in July of this year.

The highest number of candidates applied for the 4,000 advertised post-primary teaching vacancies, with 219,311 teachers applying for the vacancies.

136,833 applications were submitted in response to the commission’s announcement of 1,000 additional openings for primary school teachers.

Two teams, one from TSC led by its CEO, Dr. Nancy Macharia, and the other from MOE headed by its Principal Secretary (PS), Belio Kipsang, met with the DP in his office on Tuesday, November 8, to discuss issues related to education.

The meeting followed TSC’s announcement that negotiations over hiring teachers had started and would provide direction for how the hiring process would proceed.

Teachers can anticipate positive things in the future, according to TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia, who spoke during the World Teachers Day celebrations at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi.

“Consultations are ongoing with the Presidency on teacher recruitment and we shall be giving updates of the progress as we go along. Be assured that the Kenyan teacher can only expect good things going forward. We shall be telling you how to go on with this recruitment as per the Kenya Kwanza Charter,” said Macharia.

To discuss the progress of the teacher recruitment, TSC met with TSC Regional and County Directors in October.

The Kenya Kwanza government will prioritize resolving issues with teachers and students, according to the Deputy President after this week’s meeting with TSC.

“The well-being of students and teachers is a key focus for the Kenya Kwanza Government. Today, We discussed matters Education including teachers’ recruitment,” said Gachagua.

Additionally, the DP and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) met last month to discuss the problem of teacher recruitment.

The DP and KRA agreed that additional taxes would be collected to aid in the hiring of teachers.

“We had a meeting with Kenya Revenue Authority and asked them to ensure they raise at least sh 3 trillion this financial year to enable us recruit more teachers and finance other government programmes,” said Gachagua.

In the education charter signed with stakeholders in the education sector in June, President William Ruto committed to “ensure that the current teacher shortage of 116,000 is fully bridged within two financial years by employing 58,000 teachers at a cost of Sh25 billion per year”

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